The Future of Hemp Harvesting Has Arrived

A truly revolutionary, patent pending design changes the way hemp is harvested and dried. The Revolutionary Hemp Harvester strips the flower ("bud") off the stock and stem in the field. This shortens the drying time and eliminates the need for manual or combine bucking.

The Revolutionary Hemp Harvester is powered by an OXBO 2430 Power Chassis.    

Harvest 40 Acres Per Day

The Revolutionary Hemp Harvester can harvest three-rows at a time and up to 40 acres per day.  Imagine, harvesting 400 acres in 10 days.  

The Biggest Problem in Hemp has been Solved

 Hemp harvesting is like farming 100 years ago, which means manual cutting, manual loading, followed by manual unloading, manual hanging, and then more manual bucking and stripping of the flower. Like farming 100 years ago, prior to significant technological advances, the time and cost of harvesting and drying hemp has made scaling incredibly difficult and reliant on just adding man hours. Traditional combines cannot stand up to the strength of the hemp plant and stalk. We saw this problem and crafted a solution for an entirely new mechanical design for harvesting, which has finally arrived! Check out the New Revolutionary Hemp Harvester below:


The Revolutionary Hemp Harvester in Action

Check out this great video